Rentals Guide

  • Renting at Snow Valley is convenient.

    Why haul your rental gear all over the place when you can pick it up here at the resort and not have to worry about loading it into your vehicle? Should you rent ski or snowboard equipment at another off-site location and encounter difficulties with your equipment, getting assistance would be difficult and time consuming. However, if you rent at Snow Valley and a problem occurs, we can fix or exchange equipment on the spot without hassle. As an added bonus we will give our rental skis and snowboards a fresh coat of wax upon request.

  • State of the art equipment

    Our rental fleet is replaced regularly with the newest technology. Some examples include the Boa Lacing Systems for trouble-free fitting of snowboard boots and rocker snowboards and skis. Our shaped skis are designed to maximize performance and ease of negotiating variable snow conditions. We also offer high performance skis for blasting down the slopes with maximum stability and performance. For the terrain park enthusiast, we recommend renting twin tip skis.

  • Want to switch from skis to a snowboard or vice versa?

    If you rent a snowboard and then decide that you want to ski instead, we will cheerfully change your rental for a minimal charge.