The Top Weather Station is located at the top of Lift 1. The Base Weather Station is located on one of our buildings in the resort base area. Click HERE for the complete weather details and history from the TOP STATION and HERE for the BASE STATION.

Base Station

October 7th 2016 at 16:26 PDT
Current temperature: 65°
Low temperature: 33.9°
High temperature: 67.2°
Humidity: 15%
Dew point: 16°
Current wind speed: 3 mph
Average wind speed: 3.5 mph
Wind direction: SE
Barometric pressure: ➤ 29.94 inches
Rain: 0.00 inches

Top Station

March 5th 2016 at 15:40 PST
Current temperature: 45.1°
Low temperature: 45.1°
High temperature: 45.1°
Humidity: 3%
Dew point: -31.6°
Current wind speed: 9 mph
Average wind speed: 9 mph
Wind direction: SW
Barometric pressure: ➤ 29.4 inches
Rain: 0.00 inches